Free Style Bracelets

14K Gold, 925 Silver & Titanium Freestyle Bracelets

Everybody loves free, right? Not free in the sense of “no cost,” but rather the ability and desire to do what you want, go where you want, and wear what you want. That’s the kind of life that free style bracelets were designed for. The silver and gold freestyle bracelets at Vista Bella radiate the pleasure of living a free-spirited life, with designs that emphasize the unique tastes of your own limitless world.

Sporty, fashionable, eclectic, glamorous: the gold and silver freestyle bracelets in this section are all of those things and more. Don’t settle for jewelry that approximates your personal style. Choose from gold, silver, and titanium freestyle bracelets that give glittering, vibrant form to the essence of you.

Free Styles

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